Friday, 9 June 2017

All about Orange Correctors

Hey guys, so in today's post I wanted to talk about colour correctors, more specifically, orange colour correctors and what I use them for. Now you can get various different types of orange corrector, they could be liquid or cream and can vary from being a bright orange or a more muted peachy orange shade, I've got a few different ones that I want to talk about today and these are products that I use quite regularly on myself as well.

Orange/peachy correctors can be used to help correct any dark areas around the face, e.g. dark circles, dark spots/marks or darkness around the mouth area - something that is very common with Asian skin. You apply the corrector first and then go in with your foundation/concealer. When applying orange correctors or any kind of correctors (e.g. green/purple), remember to only apply in the areas you need it - don't paint your whole face orange! - and always use a light hand, you don't need a thick/opaque layer of corrector - applying too much corrector may result in you having to a thicker layer of foundation to then cover up the corrector, which can leave your base looking and feeling cakey - just a very light thin layer of corrector should do the job!

Another thing to remember when applying correctors is to let them set/dry a bit before you go in with your foundation and concealer, doing this will prevent the corrector from budging and mixing in with your foundation. I usually like to blend in my corrector, leave it to dry a bit, and then go on top with my foundation. You can also set the corrector in place with a very very light dusting of translucent powder - again remember to use a light hand because you will have to go back in with more liquid products and using too much powder at this stage may leave your base looking very cakey/patchy.

Like I mentioned above, orange correctors come in various shades, they can be quite bright - like the LA girl orange corrector - or more muted peach shades like the MAC prep and prime corrector in Peach Lustre. When choosing the right corrector for yourself what i would say is the lighter your skin-tone the lighter your orange corrector should be and if you have a darker skin-tone, then use a darker orange. And just a side note, you can also use orange toned concealers as correctors as well - one that I like to use on myself is the MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NW40.

Some of my favourite correctors are:

As pictured:
MAC Peach Lustre Prep&Prime - great for lighter complexions
LA girl orange corrector
Kiko Natural Concealer shade 07
MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NW40

Also a few that aren't pictured:

Freedom Correct and Conceal Palette - Dark - this has a great orangey corrector shade and is so affordable, I believe it retails for £5.00 - I would show mine but it's pretty beat up and I've used up all the corrector shade
NYX Orange Corrector pot (not pictured because my sister stole mine)- this is quite a bright orange so would be more suited to darker skin-tones, but can be used on lighter complexions as well, as long as you use a light hand

I know there are loads of other correctors available, but these are just the ones I've tried, I'd love to try more so if you have any recommendations, then let me know!
Thanks for reading xx

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